Naked UK Wives

Naked UK wives is not a new thing, by no means of the word. But given that they are more free and never take themselves too serious, nor do they have the typical hangups that the people in the United States. All of their inhibitions are thrown out the window. These amateur wives get turned on when guys are watching them online. As a matter of fact, the husbands get a charge out of it too.

Men and women are basically the same anywhere you go, they both love sex no matter where they are.  Most of the time all of us are a little kinky, but we keep that inside and behind closed doors.

Men on Naked UK Wives

Men and naked UK wives are pretty self explanatory, they are so turned on when other guys are looking at their wives pics and videos online. They won’t always admit it and they are mostly a bunch of jealous fits. It seems a little weird that they get turned on by the fact other guys look at their wives with lust. No matter where you go in this world, doesn’t have to be in the UK, it goes on anywhere, guys get a little bit of a hard on when guys go ga-ga over their women.

They shouldn’t push their wives too far, or that can get into a very dark place and no one wants that, for sure. This is much different than just plain old watching porn online, especially when it involves him and her.

Women in Naked UK Wives

The women on the flip side, are not so much different. They get turned on when guys make comments about how hot they are, and they see it does it for their husbands too. They are always out to do anything and everything to make their husband turn their heads and look at them in a whole new light. As long as it isn’t pushed too far, everything seems to go perfectly. They aren’t cheating on their spouse, so why should it matter, right?

Women get excited when they look at him and it isn’t pissing him off, in fact, just the opposite. They just really need to walk a tight rope on making sure it doesn’t cross any lines.

The Good and the Bad Naked UK Wives

Is it Bad for the Wife to be into being in the Naked UK wives club, so to speak? No not really, it is actually a pretty big turn on for both sexes, each taking it their own way. If both are into it, I say go for it, nothing wrong with a little kick to get the juices flying again. I am not a therapist and don’t mean to ever be, but I have been married long enough to say that you must communicate how far is too far before you travel down this road. If you are open and free about it, knock yourselves out and have fun like you have never had fun before.

The bad, this is a no brainer, you are entering into a whole new realm of possibilities, and yes pitfalls, involved in being married and taking part in the Naked UK wives club, so to speak. It’s bad bad bad to ever get into this when the other half isn’t involved, that is seriously going to go sideways in a hurry. Use it as a tool in your lovemaking, not as a divider because you are bored and can’t wait until the other is home.


Getting naked is never a bad thing, of course depending on where you are, but the body is a beautiful thing and it should never be an issue to show that off. Now I get that it’s not possible everywhere, that’s ok, you have your own bedroom, watch it online. These amateur women are on those sites for you to look at and have fun with your other half. Go off the deep end and just jump right into it, or even, find a site with what you are interested in and go for it, no one says you have to go all in the first time.

Let me say this, if even one of you start to get uncomfortable with this, stop it all immediately, or it will cause problems. If both of you are not on board, neither of you should be. Doing anything else is going to send a perfectly good marriage right down the pisser and fast.

For all of you that are not in the UK, it can work for you too, no one has ever said that the rest of the world cannot get involved in naked wives and use it as a new sex toy so to speak.


Local Slappers

Let’s just get the elephant out of the room here, because of today’s topic, it can easily be mistaken as a bad thing. Local Slappers is not a bad thing to say, in contrast, it’s almost a good word. You see, slappers are those girls that lay in wait on some dating sites until they get a good one and they move in fast. Otherwise, they can go to an online website called LocalSlappers and hunt someone down in real time.

What is a Slapper

In this day with all of the internet and dating sites online, finding a date is pretty simple. Gone are the days where the men were the ones hunting women, today the women hunting men is gathering momentum. The olden days when the girls would sit at home hoping he would call, but not now. It is acceptable for the girls to do the initial calling. It is still old fashion for even the younger generation for the guys doing the “calling”. A slapper is when the girls are up for an easy, no strings attached, quickie relationship. There are no commitments or strings, or anything else, if that’s what you both want.

Slapper is Not Slang

If you go up to anyone you know to be a slapper and you use that term on them, chances are you won’t get met with an anger. In fact, they find something they are interested in, they make no hesitations about going after them, even for a quickie, if that’s what it is. The girls on are well known for being easy, and guys are starting to pick up on this. Put some pussy in a trap and the guys are going to come  running. Besides, at the end of the day, they are red blooded men as well, right?

The women never viewed it as a derogatory term, they know what they were doing and how far and so on, they all have boundaries, like everyone. They know they are easy and they aren’t ashamed of it, or feel bad about what they are seen as in their world. They like sex, and they like to have it a one night stand if that’s how it turns out.

How Easy are Slappers

As the term boldly take the term to heart and as you would think, these guys eat it up, especially those that are in town for a day and they want a good fucking for the road, so to speak. I guess some guys will see them as whores or sluts, that is always going to happen. But let me say this, if you are going out with a slapper to degrade and demean her with your actions on how you treat them.The many girls on LocalSlappers know damn well they are easy and they make no excuses or even address it, go pick them up and fuck them. They don’t even require a candle light dinner, just, as I keep saying, go get hooked up with one of them and do your business and let her walk away without any drama.

These women are like the perfect lay for you, you don’t even have to buy them dinner, they’d probably turn you down. They are just as horny as you are, I’d almost guarantee that. Of course everyone is different, but the term slapper is a good sign they are not going to be the drama queen because they are just as over it as you are when she gets hers.

How to Spot a Slapper

To try and answer this would be even more of a task than anything. They don’t wear badges and they don’t just all hang out in the same place. Looking at them is not going to help you either because they don’t have a special look or dress. Your best bet would be to find a site like LocalSlappers where that is all done for you. They are listed in this site called LocalSlappers, so this is taking the guess work right out of it. Simply join up for free and start your journey of finding your very own slapper.

Those Dirty Slappers

Don’t get any notion in your head is like any normal date, because that would ruin the night for you and for her. She’s not going to be your long term stalker, and hope you won’t be for them. Get together and pick a place to have fun, that’s first and foremost for this slapper. They are naughty girls and love playing around and having a good time. Once you have gotten her aroused with a fun outting, she is going to want to get laid.

She isn’t going to have much fun getting laid by you if you took her to some place boring, they are in the moment and isn’t about making plans with you or anyone else. Not all of them are gungho and love to talk, some of them are quite shy and don’t say to much.  Typically you can both figure out if you will click with her by looking into the profiles, because that is always going to give you a bit of insight, even is she does try and embelish the information, you can generally get an idea about them.

In Closing

If you are up for a night of fun and sex, you have chosen wisely. The slappers, once you have located them, will always be up for fun and sex at the drop of a pen. Have fun, but always do as you would want done to you, easy sex doesn’t make them less human, right?


Chav Sluts Looking for a Shag

Well I learn something new every day. Today is Chav, a derogatory term that is all about small, provoking little cunts that spend their nights looking for their new pray, to try and get some dick on the streets of Northern Britain. They don’t have much of an IQ to speak of but they are pretty damn horny all the damn time. The sad thought is that they are likened to vermin, or retarded with little to no IQ so this is what they do to survive their world as they know it.

The term Chav is short for Council House Affiliated Vermin. They hangout outside of McDonald’s Chances are they have had an abortion by the time they are 11 years old. They don’t have the money to actually go in and buy something to eat, instead they are hustling outside trying to find a mate for the night. These guys and gals are relentless in their pursuit of their mate.

How to Spot a Chav

The first thing would be to go to your local park, outside McDonald’s where they know that they stand a better chance of getting laid. These people are considered to be vermin, because they have no sense in their heads and were basically raised without any real skills, they’d prefer not to deal with them. So, you will see them hanging out in areas. To chavs, McDonald’s is a 5 star restaurant, so they just hang out looking for sex.

Female Chavs

Females wear very tight and when they did down, you can see their thongs. They usually will have bleached blonde or even real blondes, but regardless, the maneuver steps as they move around, you would be able to spot a female Chav. They are not shy, not even close, but when they start talking to you, you can see their teeth are seriously broken and even out. You can tell they have a croyden face-lift. They are only 14 but they very much look like they are a lot older than they have to. Chavette is a term for the female chavs.

Male Chavs

These guys are easier to spot, simply because they aren’t dying their hair and not just settling in to watch them. They typically will  be dressed in clothes they picked up at the local thrift stores and have a nasty attitude and been having sex and smoking since they are 11 years old.  He is dressed in what he deems is upscale clothes with huge fake gold and diamonds. He’s likely to be a mad talker, talking about things like drugs, money or any number of things to make them look smarter than they are.

Preferred Music

Females listen to more of a R&B, mostly Destiny’s Child. Guys will not listen to anything that isn’t in the Top40 or they get very confused. Both have one thing in common, it has to  be very loud, and that tends to turn them on. They can be found driving down their bucket of bolts down the road with it blaring and shaking the floor or ground underneath them.

Other Preferences of Chavs

They love their dogs and they will not leave home without them. They like those big beefy dogs, not them little wimpy yappy dogs. It isn’t likely they will even have a mate come close to them with those dogs, but that’s how it is done. Their cars are just as extravagant, if they are lucky enough to get the cash to buy one. He wants one that screams he is the shit, even though everyone knows he is a Chav through and through.


So we have all learned something today, and that is always a good thing. As long as you know they aren’t likely to be disease free, but to each his or her own. This lifestyle has been in Northern Britain for many years and doesn’t seem to show any signs of changing that anytime soon. While this is a definite derogatory word to describe chavs, it is what it is. These kids are considered retarded, which I hate that word, and a lower-class person that is brash and loutish.

Their clothes are anything from high end designer names or imitations of them. Regardless, they want to be upper-class, whether they are or not. This is their lifestyle and they were pretty much pushed into it. Their family was never in the home to teach them and love them, so to the streets they go. I am pretty positive that this is the best attention they have ever had. Sadly, at such a young age, this is the cards handed to them.

Chavvy, Chavvish, and chatastic are adjectives that pertain to the words used to describe items that are designed for, and suitable for chavs. One stereotype that always seems to go hand in hand with every one that leads the chav lifestyle, they combine all of them into one lump category. They are considered anti-social, which all depicts them all as if they were the same damn person and this is not true.

The term chavs may as well be looked at as “social racism” and is very offensive to them. They are human and they were put where they are due to no fault of their own, in most cases. But here we are and there they are. It takes all kinds to make up the world we live in, and there is room enough to grow as it keeps going on around us.



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Real Sex Contacts

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