Chav Sluts Looking for a Shag

Well I learn something new every day. Today is Chav, a derogatory term that is all about small, provoking little cunts that spend their nights looking for their new pray, to try and get some dick on the streets of Northern Britain. They don’t have much of an IQ to speak of but they are pretty damn horny all the damn time. The sad thought is that they are likened to vermin, or retarded with little to no IQ so this is what they do to survive their world as they know it.

The term Chav is short for Council House Affiliated Vermin. They hangout outside of McDonald’s Chances are they have had an abortion by the time they are 11 years old. They don’t have the money to actually go in and buy something to eat, instead they are hustling outside trying to find a mate for the night. These guys and gals are relentless in their pursuit of their mate.

How to Spot a Chav

The first thing would be to go to your local park, outside McDonald’s where they know that they stand a better chance of getting laid. These people are considered to be vermin, because they have no sense in their heads and were basically raised without any real skills, they’d prefer not to deal with them. So, you will see them hanging out in areas. To chavs, McDonald’s is a 5 star restaurant, so they just hang out looking for sex.

Female Chavs

Females wear very tight and when they did down, you can see their thongs. They usually will have bleached blonde or even real blondes, but regardless, the maneuver steps as they move around, you would be able to spot a female Chav. They are not shy, not even close, but when they start talking to you, you can see their teeth are seriously broken and even out. You can tell they have a croyden face-lift. They are only 14 but they very much look like they are a lot older than they have to. Chavette is a term for the female chavs.

Male Chavs

These guys are easier to spot, simply because they aren’t dying their hair and not just settling in to watch them. They typically will  be dressed in clothes they picked up at the local thrift stores and have a nasty attitude and been having sex and smoking since they are 11 years old.  He is dressed in what he deems is upscale clothes with huge fake gold and diamonds. He’s likely to be a mad talker, talking about things like drugs, money or any number of things to make them look smarter than they are.

Preferred Music

Females listen to more of a R&B, mostly Destiny’s Child. Guys will not listen to anything that isn’t in the Top40 or they get very confused. Both have one thing in common, it has to  be very loud, and that tends to turn them on. They can be found driving down their bucket of bolts down the road with it blaring and shaking the floor or ground underneath them.

Other Preferences of Chavs

They love their dogs and they will not leave home without them. They like those big beefy dogs, not them little wimpy yappy dogs. It isn’t likely they will even have a mate come close to them with those dogs, but that’s how it is done. Their cars are just as extravagant, if they are lucky enough to get the cash to buy one. He wants one that screams he is the shit, even though everyone knows he is a Chav through and through.


So we have all learned something today, and that is always a good thing. As long as you know they aren’t likely to be disease free, but to each his or her own. This lifestyle has been in Northern Britain for many years and doesn’t seem to show any signs of changing that anytime soon. While this is a definite derogatory word to describe chavs, it is what it is. These kids are considered retarded, which I hate that word, and a lower-class person that is brash and loutish.

Their clothes are anything from high end designer names or imitations of them. Regardless, they want to be upper-class, whether they are or not. This is their lifestyle and they were pretty much pushed into it. Their family was never in the home to teach them and love them, so to the streets they go. I am pretty positive that this is the best attention they have ever had. Sadly, at such a young age, this is the cards handed to them.

Chavvy, Chavvish, and chatastic are adjectives that pertain to the words used to describe items that are designed for, and suitable for chavs. One stereotype that always seems to go hand in hand with every one that leads the chav lifestyle, they combine all of them into one lump category. They are considered anti-social, which all depicts them all as if they were the same damn person and this is not true.

The term chavs may as well be looked at as “social racism” and is very offensive to them. They are human and they were put where they are due to no fault of their own, in most cases. But here we are and there they are. It takes all kinds to make up the world we live in, and there is room enough to grow as it keeps going on around us.



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