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This is a new one to me, I don’t think I have ever seen this one and I thought I’d seen them all. But it seems pretty interesting, let’s check it out together and see what this is all about. I do know it’s a dating site, that’s a given, but seems to be a different kind of a dating site. With so many online dating sites, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming, but if it is meant to be, it’ll be for you to find that other half of you. Read more for information I was able to gather from Randy Rabbits.

What is Randy Rabbits

First off, lets go find Randy Rabbits website and see just what this is all about. First off, they do advertise that they are one of the belief that a dating site of today needs to be relevant and useful in today’s standards, so that the dating experience will be more exciting and fun. Go and set up the free account and get started testing this out. You can have free access to part of the site, but to actually get to meet and chat with them. You can set your profile up and start meeting people immediately.

Benefits of Randy Rabbits

Not just your average dating site, this one seems to be more geared to hook-ups, or whatever you may want. And if you play your cards just right, you may even find someone that is perfect for what you want. Maybe you both just want casual sex, that’s acceptable too. The guys at Randy Rabbits makes it their mission to make everything safe and private as they can.

Reasons to joins Randy Rabbits

  • Huge Database – the database here is constantly growing and the options are right at your fingertips. Simply set it up in your options to be notified when new members join.
  • Mobile friendly – with today being all about smart phones, taking your life with you as you go, making desktops all but useless when it comes to dating apps. Any device you have works with this site.
  • Safe and Secure – Randy Rabbits has made it so that any and all members are safe. Each member is manually reviewed before they can do anything.
  • Encounters – is another feature that you can go through members pics and if you like someone, click yes, n o or maybe and they will do the work for you, making your experience less of a headache.
  • Zip Code Searches – if you want to find someone in a specific county, state, or more local, you can find people in the zip code you prefer.
  • Ice Breakers – – lastly, the feature that allows girls to send an intro message and “break the ice”, saving you a lot of time and set you on the right track quickly.

Is Randy Rabbits a Scam

Not that I have seen. Sure it is a little different than most dating sites like Adult Friend Finder or any others that come to mind right now. The site is just a little different, as it is more of a hook-up site, or so it seems. I seen where someone complained about Randy Rabbits’ database not being very big, but I am not finding why. There are specific areas where you can look in one of the many countries they have, USA, Aussie, and a few more. Scam, I don’t think so, it’s about as legit as I can see it. I guess you cannot please everyone, no matter what you say or do.

Join Randy Rabbits For Free

Turning the scam part on it’s ear here, you join for free, so see for yourself whether it is for real or not. I mean, if you can get into it for free and get the basics at your leisure, you can see for yourself, like I said. Then if you decide it is something you want to do, go ahead and upgrade to full membership. If you hate it, it’s just a simple “delete” your account and you are done with it. As always, you have to take precautions on anything you do these days, but don’t just jump to everything and everyone is out to scam you – join it for free and move on from there. Check out the dating safety tips page and read it carefully, they make a point to touch on the most tips that come to mind.


In conclusion and my opinion, I say the site is fine, it isn’t your typical dating site, simply because they do things just a little different. They make sure everyone that joins are safe and secure and have gone out of their way to get the best software to see to it that everything is as safe and secure as it can be. I am personally not looking for a date, I have mine, so I am not trying to look for a mate. However, I did signup and I went thru the site to check things out so I could give you all of the information I can about Randy Rabbits.

Be safe, be kind and most of all, have fun finding what may possibly be your soulmate. You just never know when and where that right someone may be hiding, and there isn’t a damn thing wrong with finding them online, it’s kind of how it’s done these days.

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