Older Women Looking for Sex

Now we are going to flip the script and talk about older women looking for sex, which is an interesting concept on its own. You see, as I write this to you, there are literally 1000s of older women are horny and looking for sex. You see? I am a woman and I know what I would want if I was an older lay looking for sex. Let’s see if we can get through this one together.

Older Women Looking for Sex

Well, I don’t know of years gone by, I was not an older woman back then, so I often wonder how this worked but I can’t see them being any less horny back then as they are now. They sure don’t want a guy that they feel they have to raise, they’ve already past that point in their lives. Just be prepared, they are not as gullible as one would stereotype about older women and sex. She may not feel comfortable telling her man what they want out of sex, simply because that is how they were raised. Do different things until you feel that that move was something she liked. You will get the hang of it and then you are hooked on sex with older women.

Does It Get Better With Age

You can ask 100 women about this and you will get 200 responses, because you know, women do still change their minds. But the one thing that about 75% or more are definitely still horny and desire sex. Keep in mind though, the majority of women don’t like play by play details outside of the proverbial bedroom. I think even with the days we are in now, most girls are going to feel the same way when it comes to talking about the deed when it’s done. That is your ego working overdrive, not hers.

Older People and Sex

We hear all the time that after menopause, the older women no longer desire sex. That is so so wrong and under researched and whoever made that babble up didn’t know what they were talking about or who. If the older guys are having to get Viagra to maintain their sex drive and ability to get a hardon, just where do you think they are using that? Duh! On their other half, notice I didn’t say  better there. It is actually kind of nice to see that the older folks are still as vibrant as they always were, they just have to take more steps to get there, which isn’t always a bad thing.

Older Women Raised Their Kids

Of course, if you thought otherwise, you might be wrong, or not, but most have. The last thing they want is to raise you too, so be nice and patient. Some of the older women you will  be attracted to may or may not been shy about taking that step with a new guy. This doesn’t mean they are not horny, it means that they haven’t ever done this before, moving on after losing a spouse is a tough thing to do and even tougher when they decide to move on and find a new sex partner.

Be Respectful to Your Older Lover

Be mindful that the older women you are looking to have sex with is also someone’s grandmother, so treat  her like you’d want your own grandmother. Keep this in mind. Not while you are having sex with one of them, that would just be crazy awkward and no amount of Viagra would fix that, I think. I don’t say handle them with kid gloves, they are horny after all. Think of the women you have in your life and they guys you want them to bring home, and treat all of them respectfully. I know this was a tough one to read, but it needed to be said.

Where to Meet Older Women

Some various places to go and meet older women can be as low key as a dive to a 5 Star hotel lobby. Regardless, just be mindful. Older women hang out at Bingo nights, classifieds, casinos, and the list goes on and on. If you are in the least creative and think about it, you already know where to find them. Go online and Google dating older women and I bet you get overwhelmed with the sites that come back. Or you could just go to UKQuickies and hunt one of them down if you are in the UK, There are places like Adult Friend Finder. All you can do is approach them and ask them about it, they aren’t going to beat you to death with their bags.


I wrote this to try and be an all around situation, but especially to those that are older women porn. I’ve tried to show you how to treat them, and given you ideas of how to go about meeting them. All I can do now that I haven’t done is come and physically come and hold your hand and I’m sorry, but that isn’t going to happen. If you find out that it isn’t for you, don’t just get up and walk away, that’s just cruel. Talk to her and tell her, she will likely have more respect for you, not all older women are bitches. In fact, most of them are having a fun place in their lives and may even find some humor in it.

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