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Today’s topic is all about Real Sex Contacts pros and cons. This isn’t by any means everything that a dating site is all about, but it is a good start, so let’s get on this and see if we can shed some light on them. With the shape of dating sites out there right now, it’s very easy to get lost in them, to find the authentic ones. Look for the ones that are not fake. When you find one, go and Google Dating site name reviews, and of course in place of dating site, put in the one you are asking about.

Criteria For Good Dating Sites

Do your homework, above any and all things to keep in mind, just do your research. Look at the options they give you for the purposes of finding the right mate for you. The ones that give you options like interests, behavior, and so on, that is the site you want to signup for. Don’t give up on the first one, or maybe the first two or three. I am confident that the right one will come to you. I won’t play favorites here, so you have to find what you are after by yourself, only you can know what you are into and find him or her.

Make sure that you be honest when you signup for one of the many hundreds of them out there. Being dishonest isn’t going to be, because it is likely that you may want to meet these people in public and the last thing you need to do is bring her a face that she’s never seen before. This is for you too, ladies!

Meeting new people to share your time with, isn’t all bad and can be quite interesting and find people that are like minded. If a quickie with no strings is something you want, and that’s fine, you can always go to a site like UKQuickies and start texting until you find the one you are interested in. This one is about as safe as it gets, and none of your information is ever given out. The texting goes through their own system and can’t be found on the site.

Criteria For a Bad Dating Site

The first thing that comes to mind here is pretty obvious, or maybe not, but let’s go through this one just in case you are new to dating online. Be careful and mindful of the site you join, Not all of them are real dating sites and it maybe a bit tricky to figure this out.

Fake Profiles¬† – you can get catfished by this in a fast hurry and not know it until it’s far too late. Be careful about the information on their profiles. Some keywords that you should watch out for are: Royalty, Catholic, female, widowed, things like that, just treat them as an initial red flag. Not all of them are fake, but make sure you find out more about them before jumping into giving them your real information.

This list could go on and on and all has everything to do with being cautious about your own welfare and not get hooked into a relationship that is only out to take over you and your feelings. The fake ones will likely be to promote themselves and not . As catfishing has become such a thing these days, and they are each to target you without you even knowing about it.

Catfishing – How to Spot Them

I know we kind of hit on that in the above areas, but this is one that needs to be talked about. When you get hooked up with someone, make sure you talk to them. Ask what may seem to be off the wall questions and if they give you one or two word sentences that make no sense at all. If you keep asking them if they are real, they get really irritated and some downright pissed. Don’t even give thought to that line of no fakers, that isn’t going to do anything, because they don’t read all that, they just see someone and go for it. Be very cautious and if it smells like a rat, it’s possible they just might be. Follow your gut and don’t give them anything until they have proven to your satisfaction, still be cautious, but tread with caution. Not paranoid, that’s way different.


Please people, have fun and be safe in this online dating world. It can go sideways fast and end in a complete disaster. If you take the time and not get so desperate for your next relationship, and it will be worth that hunting the dating sites to find them.Don’t be catfished and don’t catfish anyone else. Just be who you are and do what you do and just be honest. You don’t want to be anything else and you don’t want it done to. Dating is a two way street, keep that in mind.

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