Swinging on dating sites

Young swinging wife from Northampton showing off at a swingers party in Kent.

Swinging has lost the stigma it was carrying for decades in recent years and is slowly becoming a more acceptable lifestyle, especially in more developed parts of the world. Whether the couples are using it to strengthen their relationship or just add some spice to their love life, each year more and more people engage in swinger sex. For the most part, they find likely-minded couples and individuals on dating sites like strangers4sex.com, which provide their members with the means to get in contact all over the UK, while protecting their privacy from prying eyes of the public.

According to a study from 2008, there are over one million swinger couples in the UK alone. In the United States, the number is 15 million. Since then, those numbers have only gone up. Just how popular swinging is in the UK is proven by Swingfields, an annual swingers’ festival. Held every year, it is an invite-only event and it is considered a highlight of swingers’ social calendar. Each year it is held on a different location, always on a private land and the location is only revealed once you have obtained the ticket. The festival doesn’t garner much attention, which suits its guests just fine, since, for obvious reasons, they prefer to stay anonymous.

One of the founders of Swingfields said that they had an idea while having a drink at the pub: “Half a dozen of us were sat around, discussing a camping trip. Eventually, the conversation came round to a festival. There’s a festival for just about everything, but nothing for the adult community. We saw an opening in the market that we could cater for.”

The festival from the outside looks just like any other of hundreds held each year across the UK. Rows of pitched tents, music, a mass of people walking around, nothing indicates that Swingfields is a festival dedicated to swinger lifestyle. One thing is certain, people gathered there seems to be having fun, despite what the public feels about them.

And even public resentment of swingers doesn’t feel as harsh as it once was. In our increasingly “live and let live” society, more and more people simply don’t care who (or what) their friends and neighbors are having sex with. This is perhaps the biggest reason for the increased number of couples engaging in swinging. Add in the technology of dating sites that make it very easy and convenient to find eager participants for their bedroom activities and it gets easy to see why swinger population is seemingly exploding. While there are still many people that find it disgusting, there are many more of those who think that it is a good thing that people are free to explore their sexuality. As long as it is consensual, it is nobody’s business but the parties involved. And even if you are afraid that your friends or family may find out, the dating sites that cater to swingers are highly devoted to protecting their members’ privacy, since that is the only way they can remain in business.

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