Introduction to UKQuickies


UK Quickies, this is a thing, really, it is, you use this site to find a woman you want to fuck and go for it. Go to the dating site called UKQuickies and get you some. Simply pick someone you want to have a fast rendezvous, text her and bam!! That’s it, it doesn’t get much easier than that.

Search by Region

It’s that simple, like anything else, you have the search ability to hunt down anyone in your area. Just enter your criteria, region you are in, age, and search. I tell you guys and gals, this is the easiest way in the world to go get laid without any baggage or strings. Don’t worry, it’s secure when it comes to your information. They are in the business of protecting your personal business to the very best of their ability.

Is It Safe

It is safe in the sense that they make it their duty to make sure that no one gets your personal information, like real phone number or dwelling. As far as the physically meeting up, I suppose that may need some attention to make sure that everyone is just up for a quick fucking and go on their way. As far as I have seen, this is about as safe as any other dating site, right? It’s in this day and age, you are in as much danger as if you walked out your front door. But let us not be paranoid.

How Does it Work?

It’s simple, you find a woman you would like to fuck and simply follow the instructions that will get you there. This is about the simplest thing I have ever seen to get you guys laid. Once you text her, wait for her to respond back to you. Once that happens, it’s probably a good idea to exchange a few pics so you know if you are even attracted to her or her to you.  Just because you text her, doesn’t mean she will be all in, that is totally up to the two of you.

Am I Going to be Fucking a Prostitute?

Absolutely not!! In fact, these guys don’t even allow prostitutes or any other form of paid escorts at all. This is good, clean fun. The texts go through their system where all of the information is held privately. This is how you will know you aren’t getting in with a paid for sex situation.  She does not and should not, ever ask you for money, this is not their practice, so be sure and keep this in mind in case the subject comes up.

Can I Stop

Yes of course, they offer a way to cancel this service and you will not get or give anymore texts until you join again, and you probably will. From what I see, this is not a thing that is going to hang you with a lifetime of spam or unwanted texts, it is easy to stop, it seems like. I am not sure why’d you want to give up such an easy way to get fucked, but that option is there and you can use it at anytime, even if your wife finds out.


I have to say that I have never heard of this sort of a system before, but it seems a little intriguing if you are wanting to just play the field, so to speak, and boy is this ever a new and broad outreach of that particular line of playing the field. I live in the USA, but I can totally get how this is a great way to just get your rocks off. Don’t think this is just a one sided service because it most certainly is not at all. In order for you to get your rocks off, there has to be a horny woman on the other side to get her pussy fucked too. What you may not understand is that women love sex equally as much as men, maybe more.

She gets to play that field just as much as you do. To make it better, she isn’t having to pick up your dirty damn socks and making you breakfast. She gets to go home and take a shower and relax in her own bed having been pleasured without strings too. That may sound taboo, and maybe it is, but it flies both ways, guys, and that’s all I am going to say about that, without sounding like I am on that soapbox.

Just don’t be a perve or a serial killer and you can get fucked anytime you want to, just a text away. Have fun, be horny, be nice and text away, it has never been so easy to get fucked.

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