Will Facebook Dating endanger adult dating sites?

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Facebook has announced that they have been working on a new dating service, imaginatively called Dating. The new app will be incorporated into Facebook but separated from your main account. It will create a new account just for Dating that will consist of just the users’ first name. None of your friends from your main account will be able to see any activity on your Dating account and will never appear as matches for you, in order to preserve your privacy.

Potentially, this could spell trouble for dating apps like Tinder. In order to create a successful match, a dating app has to have relevant data, and when it comes to gathering data on their users, Facebook is the absolute world champion. Tinder doesn’t stand a chance on that field. The huge amounts of data, including our interests, hobbies, places and Continue reading “Will Facebook Dating endanger adult dating sites?”

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Are you a men in the prime of his elder years, or you are a younger lad who prefers cougars? Well, you will be happy to know that there are many single 40+ babes who would love to have a naughty date with you! Many of these chicks do not want to have any strings attached for a number of reasons, and they would prefer if everything stayed casual.

The reason why older women tend to not want to be in a relationship is mostly because they find it hard to chase and play games since they have already passed those years of their life. This makes it perfect for all of those who would like to have a casual relationship with a woman who knows what she is doing. Click here browse all sex contacts.

That is yet another naughty reason why men love an older milf instead of a younger chick. The older babes know a lot Continue reading “40+ women seeking casual sex encounters”